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Turtoisapin #6- Tigo by riverTurtle790 Turtoisapin #6- Tigo by riverTurtle790
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Turtoisapins are what you get when you love turtles, tortoises and terrapins. Each one is a unique mixture, and no two can ever be exactly the same.

The process of making them begins with creating a shell carapace and plastron, each are formed in cardboard then paper mache covered to form thick shell shaped pieces. Next a sculpey clay head with a aluminum foil core is constructed and carved on a flexible wire. Once the shell has dried and the head has been baked, the turtoisapin parts are painted with acrylic paints and coated in a clear sealant. The fabric chosen for the current turtoisapins are scrap pieces my grandma has and are of a variety of textures, thicknesses and colors. Feet types are formed and are either, tortoise-pipe cleaner claws, semi-aquatic- webbed feet, or sea turtle- flippers. Once she sews the pieces they get hot glued securely to the shell and head, and wires may be attached inside the legs. A wire is always attached from the head to the inside of the shell (for pose-ability). The shell is then closed up and final touches to the creature may include skin details such as stripes or scales done with fabric paint or acrylic paint, or shell touch ups.

This Turtoisapin, Tigo, is composed of:

- a hardy hand crafted and painted paper mache shell (carapace and plastron pieces)
- hand crafted, sculpted and painted sculpey clay head
-wire neck structure, making the head pose-able
-wire limb structure allowing the legs to be posed to lifelike positions
-dark brown (top) yellow (bottom) colored fabric/plush body (legs, tail and neck)


-retractable body, it fits entirely into its shell!
-movable, pose-able head/neck and limbs (see picture!)
-box turtle shaped shell
- semi-aquatic rounded toed feet (5 toes per foot)
-lots of detail, and semi- realistic chelonian form
-100% uniqueness
-comes with a card of authentication, and 'species' information

*Size may vary, because they are not a set form, it is hard to make them an exact size but they average at about 7in. carapace(top of the shell) length. Tigo's carapace length is 5.5in.

I would rather not sell Tigo, but if you like his design, I am very willing to make more box turtles! I can change things like his fabric color, and paint his head differently too.

*These creatures are pretty durable but not recommended for children. They withstand some limb and head movement, but too much could cause shell damage around the limbs.

*If Tigo is not quite what you are looking for, a few more will be posted within the next few days. If they still aren't it, you can message me and I will make specific requests!
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November 15, 2012
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